Contract Cleaning

Clean As A Whistle has been providing contractual cleaning services to our customers since 1974.  We are experienced in hard and soft floor maintenance, interior and exterior window cleaning, interior and exterior aerial cleaning, and of course, the day-to-day contractual cleaning services that your facility requires.

We stand behind our performance unlike anyone else in the industry.  We do not ask our customers to sign 1 or multi year contracts, only to have the quality be poor until contract renewal time.  We offer 30 day contracts, which means, if you are not happy with our service, you can cancel at any time.  That lets the customer know that we are serious about our day-to-day performance everyday.

We have also developed communication and quality checks to assure that our customers are completely informed and satisfied at all times. When we execute a contract, the customer establishes a contact for us to deal with for communication.  They will have a communication book that the cleaner initials at the beginning of each cleaning visit.  This also serves as a book to inform the customer of any issues the cleaner encounters while performing their duties.

Each customer also has a checklist custom made to their building for the cleaner to use as a tool to ensure that the standard of quality is met and the cleaning schedule is kept.

We also offer light-duty maintenance such as an aerial and ground level light bulb changing service, ceiling tile replacement, wall painting and patching, and power washing services.

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